Sunday, May 31, 2020

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Jana Schreiber

When Cheating on Your Significant Other Isn’t as Bad as it Seems

ZOT IN THE CITY: It's unforgivable, unforgettable and it forever remains on that list of regrets. But regardless of all the tears, the hard feelings, the guilt and the repercussions, cheating happens. When I heard that not one, but two of my good friends had cheated on their boyfriends, my once firm conviction that cheating was a bad act committed by bad people, no matter the circumstances, began to falter.

Lovin’ Long-Distance Style

ZOT IN THE CITY: Every phone call puts a smile on my face, every weekend brings excitement to the end of a long work-week, every moment usually spent arguing is now spent laughing. No, this is not the honeymoon stage of a fleeting, fanciful relationship: this is loving long-distance.

Bros Before Hoes and Chicks Before Dicks – Friends Come First

ZOT IN THE CITY: I have seen it happen too many times to too many people and it has resulted in too many heartbreaks.

Look at Me! Attention Whores and the Men Who Love Us

ZOT IN THE CITY: I call Brandon to give him a quick hello and tell a funny story about a friend's unfortunate bathroom incident, expecting a few good laughs and some light-hearted joke-cracking. Instead, Brandon abruptly tells me that he is trying to shoot some strippers, and asks if he can call me back later.

Straddling the Boundaries: Where Do We Go From Here?

ZOT IN THE CITY: As I listen to the Beach Boys sweetly croon, "Wouldn't it be nice if we were older? Then we wouldn't have to wait so long," I can't help but commiserate. Sometimes I think that if Brandon and I were just a few years older, a few years wiser, more mature and had solid jobs, I could stop feeling like I'm constantly walking on eggshells while I wait to see if our relationship will blossom into something more.

Zot in the City: Opening the Relationship Ex-Files

We all secretly do it. We all wonder what they're doing, how they look, whom they're dating and whether they ever gave us a second thought when they broke our hearts. Do they feel sorry now, or are we erased from their past as fast as they can say, "It's not you … it's me"?

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