Friday, March 5, 2021

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Karen Zhou

Equestrian Club ‘Trots’ Ahead

By Karen Zhou Staff Writer The rays of the afternoon sun are beginning to soften. She sits there, a straight line forming from her shoulder to...

Dancing to Help Newborns

By Karen Zhou Staff Writer I have set foot in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) three times in my life. On my past two visits, I...

Presentations Abound for UROP

RESEARCH: The Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program flaunted final projects this Saturday.

Comp Lit Professor Awarded

LITERARY: Professor Miller joins the ranks of distinguished UCI emeriti with an award honoring his work.

UCI Engineers: Must Love Dogs

A pristine, white doghouse sits in Sean Alexander McWillie’s backyard. Outside, it resembles some of the original 1965 Brutalist-style architecture found on campus, like the kind seen at Social Science Tower. The insulation is made from re-purposed Styrofoam and it is completely sustainable. Even the roof, which slopes downward so the water can drain from the back, has a small garden growing from it. Inside, it is spacious and beautiful, perfect for Jolly.

Radio Meets Social

NETWORK: RadioFlag’s new collaboration connects social media with old-school AM-FM.

Under the Milky Way

SPACE: Professor Cooray’s research on dark matter sheds light on a relatively untouched subject.

Dialysis Center Shapes Up

IMPROVEMENT: Since last November’s poor evaluation, the UCI Medical Center has fixed its problems.

UCI’s Resident Fulbright Scholar

It is 6 in the morning. The sun has not yet risen, the campus has not yet awaken. But Cuckoo Mahapatra is already up...

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