Tuesday, August 4, 2020

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Katie Fitzgerald

Prop 4: Parental Notification Prior to a Minor’s Abortion—PRO

One of the most important propositions on the ballot this year is Proposition 4. If passed, it would require parental notification and a waiting period when a minor wishes to get an abortion. The law would also have exceptions that allow another adult relative to be notified in lieu of a parent when there may be abuse in the home. Under the current law, a girl of any age can get an abortion without parental notification or consent.

These Dreams Aren’t ‘Idol’: All Abuzz about DDT

If you are an "American Idol" fan, then you are probably familiar with the show's philanthropic special "Idol Gives Back." For the past year, the show has called in celebrities to show up and tell you to donate money.

Don’t Punk the Pope!

This week, Pope Benedict XVI made his first visit to the United States since the start of his papacy on April 19, 2005, following...

Drop Down and Give Me Those Names! Should Army Recruiters Access Student Files?

UC Irvine students see a lot of different tables during Career Fair, usually with a couple of nicely-dressed people with clipboards and job applications....

Is Our Children Learning?

As a public-school teacher, Wayne Brightly had an above-average salary of $59,000 per year.

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