Saturday, May 30, 2020

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Kerry Wakely

Gunning for Government Ganja

Another trend that is just as encouraging as the momentum toward accepting gay marriage is another classic hot button issue: the legalization of marijuana....

Guilty Republicans?

Election season is in full swing and we’ve already endured nearly a month of back and forth controversies and accusations that one side or the other has engaged in cheap tricks. President Obama politicized the death of the world’s most notorious terrorist (at least until Kony came along), and Mitt Romney politicized Obama eating a dog as a child after the Democrats politicized him putting his dog on his car.

Revisiting the Buffett Rule and Fair Share

Surprising no one, the Senate failed to pass the Buffett Rule after the Republicans unleashed another filibuster. It’s not just that the Republicans block anything President Obama and his allies in Congress try to get done. This time one of their principles was at stake: the rich must be protected at all costs. Keeping in mind that the rich effectively pay less in taxes than the rest of us, the Republicans did their duty and maintained the status quo for their true constituents.

Super Tuesday: A Review

Super Tuesday has come and gone, to little fanfare. In past elections, this was the decisive point in the presidential campaigns where the eventual nominee was decided, but as with the Democratic presidential contest in 2008, it did not end this year’s Republican nomination contest.

Super PACs and the Next POTUS

This is the age of Citizen’s United. Every major Republican candidate for president left in the race has a not-so-secret billionaire backing him (Romney of course has several), and the usual wave of disgusting, negative ads has grown to tsunami-like proportions thanks to the prevalence of super PACs, which, and it cannot be repeated enough, do not coordinate with the candidates. Considering the state of campaign finance, it is no surprise that President Obama has authorized super PACs to act on his behalf.

End Internet Piracy, Not Liberty

The 21st century so far is the age of the Internet, and with the dominance of the Internet come certain basic expectations. Generally speaking, we expect free and easily accessible content, and the ability to easily contribute to that content or distribute it to our friends and family.

Big Man Upstairs Ends Huckabee Campaign

God does not want Mike Huckabee to run for President. Last Saturday night, the former Arkansas governor and 2008 GOP presidential candidate announced on his Fox News program that he would not be entering the 2012 race.

Being Friends with Obama is not OK

Poor Jon Huntsman. It isn’t bad enough that he is just fresh out of the Obama administration. In today’s hyper-partisan world, he made the very poor decision to be nice to our president.

Evaluating Facebook’s Advertising Policies

Once more, Facebook is under fire for taking advantage of its users to generate more ad revenue. This time, Facebook is accused of selling your correspondence on their website to advertisers to increase the accuracy of their marketing.

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