Sunday, April 18, 2021

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Loren Casuto

Newsweek Apology Not Enough

I am an opinion columnist, but I am still a journalist. You might not agree with what I have written, but I have never deceived readers with false i

Kerry Failed to Relate to Voters

The presidential election is finally over. A year's worth of campaigning and politicizing has led to President George W. Bush going back to the White

Good, Bad and Ugly Justifications of War 1

The events in the Middle East seemed to more accurately reflect the Middle Ages, not the 21st century.

UCI Permits Anti-Semitism

Freedom of speech is one of the most beloved and treasured values in the United States; it's what makes our democracy work so well.

Being Thankful for Thanksgiving

It's almost Thanksgiving and you know what that means?

Palestinians’ Future Relies on Downfall of Arafat

It has always frustrated me to find fliers and advertisements attached to my car via my windshield wipers.

Californians Are Better Off With Davis in Office

More often than not, people are laughing about the California recall election instead of debating the issues and the candidates. In just a few months,

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