Tuesday, January 18, 2022

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Lura Jaques

Continued Acts of Hate, Says SAS

More than a week after the cardboard wall constructed by the Society of Arab Students quickly burned to the ground, the UCIPD is investigating the inc

Now That I’ve Found My Home It’s Time to Move On

The first day I moved onto campus and UCI became my new home, the campus seemed so huge and I was literally just one of thousands of freshman on a gia

News in Brief

New U. Places Third in L.A. Times Competition, IMW Student Protesters Say Hearings Unfair

Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby

Have you ever wondered if a girl really has a G-spot ? Have you ever wondered why guys seemed to be so attached to their penises? Want to know where t

IMW Supporters Meet With Administration

With the aim of scheduling a meeting with Chancellor Ralph J. Cicerone to discuss the closure of Irvine Meadows West, on May 7, nine IMW residents and

Students Discuss George W. Bush’s Effectiveness

President George W. Bush and Sen. John Kerry have secured their partie's nominations months ahead of their parties' respective conventions. As the two

Student Awarded $26,000 Truman Scholarship for Community Work

Although third-year political science and economics major Jacqueline Chattopadhyay may seem like your typical down-to-earth student who struggles to f

News in Brief

Former Soviet Leader, Gorbachev, to Speak at UCI, UCI Professor Makes Brain Cell Research Discovery

IQ Hosts Third Annual Semi-Formal

Despite encountering difficulties in receiving funding for their third annual semi-formal, the Irvine Queers hosted 'Time After Time,' their 80's-th

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