Mines, Mountain Lions and More at Fremont Canyon

This week I went on a 10.5-mile hike with the Irvine Ranch Conservancy to the Tecate Cypress forest in Fremont Canyon, which is located behind Irvine Regional Park and runs along the border of Chino Hills State Park. The canyon can be accessed through Irvine Regional Park, but is only open through programs with the Irvine Ranch Conservancy.

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Environmentally Friendly Bikers Have a Mountain to Climb for Trail Riding Rights

Irvine Planeteers: The environmental community is polarized on the issue of mountain biking. Many environmentalists argue that mountain bikers are destructive rule-breakers who cause erosion of soil, leading to the degradation and fragmentation of habitats. On the other hand, many mountain bikers, including the members and alumni of the UC Irvine Cycling Club, consider themselves to be environmental stewards. They follow the rules of the road, put in hours of volunteer work to maintain trails and help fellow land users in distress.

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