Sunday, May 31, 2020

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Leigh Johnson

Mines, Mountain Lions and More at Fremont Canyon

This week I went on a 10.5-mile hike with the Irvine Ranch Conservancy to the Tecate Cypress forest in Fremont Canyon, which is located behind Irvine Regional Park and runs along the border of Chino Hills State Park. The canyon can be accessed through Irvine Regional Park, but is only open through programs with the Irvine Ranch Conservancy.

Bluebirds and Sparrows and Hawks, Oh My: Birdlife on Campus

I spend my break between classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday sitting in Aldrich Park. There is a surprising diversity of species in the park, but I’ve noticed the top 10 most common species I always see on campus, and more than likely, you’ve seen them too.

Birding Marathon: And You Thought Birdwatching Was For Grannies

This weekend was Sea & Sage Audubon Society's Birdathon, a local competition that takes place over a 24-hour period, during which the goal is to see as many species as humanly possible. Also called the "Big Day," this event is for fun, scientific research and also a fundraiser for the Audubon Society.

Bored, Anteaters? Take a Trip to Catalina Island

I'm sure that during their time at UC Irvine, most students have made it to the beach, and after all, living so close to the coast is one of the largest perks of going to UCI. Catalina Island is right off the coast, and is an excellent day trip or weekend vacation that not nearly enough students know about.

Wildfires Can’t Stop Wildflower Season From Arriving in Full Bloom

Irvine Planeteer: It's almost that time of year: wildflower season. Last weekend I attended a pre-wildflower hike to see which species had begun to bud and flower. Wildflower season, beginning in March in Southern California, can be shockingly beautiful, depending on the amount of rainfall we receive in the winter and early spring.

Environmentally Friendly Bikers Have a Mountain to Climb for Trail Riding Rights

Irvine Planeteers: The environmental community is polarized on the issue of mountain biking. Many environmentalists argue that mountain bikers are destructive rule-breakers who cause erosion of soil, leading to the degradation and fragmentation of habitats. On the other hand, many mountain bikers, including the members and alumni of the UC Irvine Cycling Club, consider themselves to be environmental stewards. They follow the rules of the road, put in hours of volunteer work to maintain trails and help fellow land users in distress.

Laughter and Lessons in ‘Vagina’

"Vagina." If you were at the UC Irvine production of the "Vagina Monologues," you became desensitized to this word really fast.

Endangered Species: Not Just a Polar Bear’s Issue

Irvine Planeteers: During a meeting of the UC Irvine Environmental Law Society a few weeks ago, we were having a discussion about getting involved with an environmental cause. While the currently popular subject of polar bears came up, I was surprised that nobody knew about the local species that are in need of our help.

Take a Hike Under the Stars in Irvine’s Moonlit Trails

Irvine Planeteers: Over winter break, I went on a full moon hike in Bommer Canyon. Bommer Canyon is a remnant of the Irvine Company's property, originally obtained by James Irvine in 1867. Sold to the city of Irvine in the 80s, it has been set aside to remain open space. The area is only a few minutes from UC Irvine's campus, located next to gorgeous Shady Canyon.

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