Friday, February 28, 2020

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Charisma Madarang

History, Texas Style

History is a fragile thing. It is subject to opinion and the subjectivity of the majority. That being said, history is always in danger...

The Reality of Winter Blues

When I was ten I moved from the cloudy skies of Canada to the sunny beaches of California. At first I was appalled by the snowless winters of Los Angeles, the people wearing thick jackets when it was only 12 degrees Celsius (54 degrees Fahrenheit), and the palm trees covered in Christmas lights, as if they were determined to hang onto the summer heat.

Why I Love Thanksgiving

On Thanksgiving there has never been the rush of relatives through my door, the clanking and clinking of pots and pans or the warm...

Second Life: A Digital Disneyland

Hyde Park, London, is alive tonight. The stars are out and a breeze rustles through the trees. Couples sit on benches holding hands, friends stroll around in groups chatting about the latest gossip, strangers meet underneath gas lamps to flirt, and a fox and a young Victorian woman clad in black lipstick play a friendly game of chess. Wait — a furry fox and a 19th century woman playing chess?

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