Wednesday, December 1, 2021

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Maison Tran

UC Workers Strike Against Outsourcing

Since 2017, workers and union members have withstood the elements to demand greater job security through actions which the UC administration referred to as “ineffective” and “theatrical.”

Plaza Verde Official Opening Reveals That The Structure Is UCI’s first target Zero-Net Energy operation

UCI joined American Campus Communities (ACC) to mark the official opening of Plaza Verde as the university’s first and newest all-electric student housing community on Oct. 16.

After Possible Removal, Claire Trevor School of the Arts Announces Continued Support for Digital Filmmaking minor

The Claire Trevor School of the Arts (CTSA) announced renewed support for the Digital Filmmaking minor on Oct. 30. This support comes after initially announcing that the minor would no longer be supported by the Art Department — a move that sparked protest and petition.

Body Positivity Workshop Part of National Research Study Proves Beneficial to Students

UCI was invited in spring 2019 to participate in the Peer Body Project, an ongoing nationwide research study focused on reducing eating disorder risk factors such as “thin” body ideals and body dissatisfaction. Evidence of the research shows that the program has been effective for participants both at UCI and colleges across the country.

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