UCI Symphony Hits a High Note

Stephen Tucker, conductor and music professor, moved his hands majestically to lead the body of musicians in the concert “Distant Worlds” last Friday at the Irvine Barclay Theatre, putting on another wonderful performance by the UC Irvine Symphony Orchestra.

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The Urgent Need for Deterrence and Diplomacy in Korea

As of late, naval ships armed with the advanced Aegis Combat System from the United States, Japan and South Korea are on high alert along the shores of the Korean peninsula as a result of the looming threat of a North Korean “satellite” launch, which violates United Nations Resolution 1718, and is expected to take place between April 4 and 8.

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‘Invisible Children’ Appears at UCI

Over 40 faces sat enraptured as they watched the UC Irvine Invisible Children club’s premiere of the organization’s newest documentary “The Rescue” this past Monday, March 2. As images of African children carrying machine guns flashed across the screen, students squirmed in their seats as they were faced with the reality of the 23-year long war currently raging in northern Uganda.

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