Friday, July 30, 2021

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Megan Braun

Letters To The Editor

A recent New University commentary accused Chancellor Drake of being “reclusive and unresponsive to students, workers and faculty.” In my experience as a student and ASUCI President, this has not been my experience to date.

Letter to the Editor

ASUCI President Responds to Criticism of Elections Code

ASUCI Presidential Candidate Op-Eds: Megan Braun

I am the most qualified individual for ASUCI president because I have the dedication and experience to serve the students with the greatest impact. Acting as student body president may seem glamorous, but being a successful student leader is more about hard work and sacrifice. Before I was elected, I played water polo for UC Irvine, but it soon became clear that I could not be a successful athlete and president at the same time. So I decided to give up my career in intercollegiate athletics and work 40-60 hours a week in ASUCI because I am passionate about UCI. I am running for re-election because I know that ASUCI has the resources to create a brighter future for Anteaters, and I possess the leadership to make these visions a reality.

Online Exclusive: Vote Yes on the UCI Stimulus Package

How do you feel about the campus life at UC Irvine? If you are like most Anteaters, you will say that we need more school spirit and more major activities like big concerts, impressive speakers and fairs on Ring Mall. ASUCI heard you, we agree with you and we want to make a change. We propose the UCI Stimulus Package Referendum to make UCI, well, fun. This fee of $25 per quarter would provide additional funding to ASUCI, cultural events, club support, volunteer events, civic engagement activities, Greek life and student media. All of this money would go to student activities and services and provide a shot of adrenaline to campus life at UCI. Essentially, for the cost of dinner and a movie you can fill your social calendar with things to do.

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