Friday, May 27, 2022

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Mengfei Chen

Put Away the Glasses

“Toy Story 3” … in 3-D! “Incredible Me” … in 3-D!! “Cats and Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore” … in 3-D!!!! It’s like a bad punch...

Alternative Fuel Car Race

Last Sunday, a group of UCI engineering students took home first place at the first annual UCI Energy Invitational with their compressed natural gas...

Listen Up Closely: Mastering the Fine Art of Really Being An Eavesdropper

In a world without eavesdropping, the female black-capped chickadee would not be unfaithful to her mate (see footnote for explanation)*. In a world without...

Saying Goodbye To Bill Moyers

Subject: After over 40 years, Bill Moyers is retiring from a long and accomplished career as a journalist.

Vice Chancellor Retires

Q&A: The New University interviews the retiring vice chancellor of student affairs, Manuel Gómez.

Vice Chancellor Gomez Announces Retirement

Yesterday, Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Manuel Gomez announced that he would be retiring at the end of August. More information will be...

Vice Chancellor Manuel Gomez

Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Manuel Gomez announced his retirement Monday. The email sent out: Dear Colleagues: Vice Chancellor Manuel N. Gomez has announced his...

Stand With the Eleven Answers Ambassador Oren’s Open Letter

Dear Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren, In your open letter published in the New University, you propose a return to UC Irvine in order to “dialogue”...

UC Students: Get Up, Stand Up!

UCLA: The LA regional protest reels-in thousands of people advocating education reform and more...

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