Tuesday, January 18, 2022

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Mengfei Chen

Letter to the Editor: Free Speech?

To the Editor of the New University News Paper: Tonight UCI hosted the ambassador to Israel the Honorable Michael Oren.  I along with about 300 to...

Letter to the Editor: MSU’s Responds to Michael Oren’s Visit

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE The members of the Muslim Student Union at the University of California, Irvine, condemn and strongly oppose the presence of Michael Oren...

Newport Restaurant Week

Once in a while, something about the moment in which we live demands a shift in the way we eat. A previously unappreciated or unknown type of food gets swept, usually with a few modifications, into the culinary limelight because something about it resonates with the bigger picture.

Republican Upset in Massachusetts

Scott Brown, a Republican state senator, upset the Democratic candidate Martha Coakley to win the late Ted Kennedy's senate seat.  Brown's victory will take...

Haitian Earthquake Unearths Political Rot

Last Tuesday, a magnitude-7 earthquake hit the island nation of Haiti. As of Saturday, approximately 50,000 bodies had been recovered. The Haitian interior minister...

Save the Boobs Video

Our writer Jeanette Reveles contributed a wonderful article on a new breast cancer ad that was recently introduced in Canada. Let us know...

Text of New York Times Magazine “Big Man on Campus”

These are some of the highlights from Deborah Solomon's interview of UC President Mark Yudof as published on September 24, 2009. And education? The shine is...

Letters to the Editor from Last Week’s Transportation Article

A Student shares his experience with Parking and Transportation. Parking and Transportation offers an explanation.

Yudof’s Gaffe

Do you ever wonder if President Yudof has a public relations person? Because if he does, he needs to fire the idiot and...

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