Friday, February 28, 2020

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Mengfei Chen

Foreign Aid Falls Flat if Handicapped

Foreign aid is not at the top of anyone's agenda at the moment. If anything, it is probably toward the bottom of the list since the American economy has feverishly imploded. However, now is as good a time as any to evaluate foreign aid and its impact. When money is short, necessity dictates that every dollar is spent wisely.

Cape Town Choir Uncovers Culture Clash

Every semester, a study abroad student will tell you that he or she wants to be immersed in the local culture. They don't want to sit around in classes with American students learning American material from American professors. They don't want to take a quick destination tour. They don't want to be tourists. They want to experience life the same way that the locals do.

Dems Play ‘Pin the VP on the Donkey’

Wanted: A photogenic man or woman (must not scare children and small animals), from a swing state, preferably Ohio. He or she should have a background in politics and public service, but must not be too controversial or outspoken. PR-friendly family and cute dog a plus.

When Good Green Goes Bad

The days of bio-fuels, at least as we know them, are numbered. In the wake of global shortages of food and increasing doubts about...

Pork Barrel Spending Brings Home the Bacon

If supermarkets sold politics-themed piñatas, the bestseller would be shaped like a pork barrel.

No ‘Spitz’: Politicians’ Personal Peccadilloes are Tough to Swallow

The past few years were filled with political sex scandals.

America’s Best Fictional Presidents

Non-shitty real presidents thinner on the ground than non-shitty fictional ones, new poll finds. Also, counting backwards from 4 less difficult than widely believed.

America’s Best Fictional Presidents

America has had some great presidents who have demonstrated great courage, vision and strength. The most obvious choices are Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Thomas...

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