Saturday, October 23, 2021

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Maya Debbaneh

Physical Confrontation Between Students to Result in School and Legal Investigation

The print version of this article incorrectly stated that charges were brought against Alex Bolt: no charges were brought against her.

Outgoing Editors Say Goodbye to UCI and the New U. (Managing)

Like a long-term romantic relationship, I felt that at times, my daily interactions at the New University had become based on familiarity and dependence...

Sedaris’ Life Entertains Again

Going from working as an elf in a Macy's department store to becoming a world-renowned comedic writer is no small achievement, but David Sedaris...

Empowering Anteater Vaginas

While genitalia are often a topic of conversation among college students these days, they are rarely discussed in the context of female sexual pleasure...

Exploring New Water Distribution in O.C.

WATER: The Orange County Water District hopes to develop a self-reliant water strategy for the future.

Creationism Offered Winter Quarter for Bio

BIOLOGY: Professor Walter Fitch offers an unconventional class setup on an controversial topic.

Student Transportation Gets Slow Makeover

ASUCI: Students have hoped for more immediate results from last school year's Measure S.

ASUCI Funding Board Meets

ASUCI: New funding board sets stage for how clubs will request and receive money for events and programs.

Cornered! A Weekly CD Review

'Liberation Transmission' by lostprophets

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