Friday, August 14, 2020

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Melody Erhuy

15 Minutes of Fame

“An artist is someone who produces things that people don’t need to have but that he – for some reason – thinks it would be a good idea to give them.”

‘Eclipse’ Shimmers Brightly

SPARKLES: Improved acting and a faithful screenplay make ‘Eclipse’ a worthwhile trip to the theater.

The Informant! The Informant!

FILM: Soderbergh combines corporate corruption, FBI espionage, and corn in this unique biopic.

Owl and the Sparrow: A Look Inside Vietnam

The Beatles passionately fantasized about this, Cassavetes' "The Notebook" (2004) was purely based on this, and Cinderella found this when she located her missing shoe. Can you figure it out?

Irvine Weathers the Sudden Heat

CLIMATE: Students take advantage of favorable weather while others fear threats of global warming.

Open Fifth Brings Jazz Flavor to the Pub

"Music can noble hints impart, engender fury, kindle love, with unsuspected eloquence can move, and manage all the man with secret art," said Joseph Addison. Music, to anyone, is a language; it communicates a combination of emotion and thought more than words can describe. Through its concentrations on stylistic genres, any person can hear the artist's message. These passionate notes inspire, direct and create lifestyles for up-and-coming bands, like UC Irvine's jazz ensemble Open Fifth, who performed at the Anthill Pub last Thursday.

Artists Inspired By the Mind

While you're still trying to figure out your class schedule for this quarter, UC Irvine's arts department began this year prepared with a slew of fresh showcases from local, talented artists. Both running from Jan. 8 until Feb. 7, Kenny Berger's "A Just Noticeable Difference" premiered last week along with Steve Fagin's "The Surfing Memory Syndrome."

KUCI: The Underground Alternative

"We are the last bastion against crappy, sound-alike radio in Orange County," says its philosophy on the KUCI website. "We are the voice of freedom for all the independent music that gets snubbed by the major labels. We are the defenders of the faith for those who choose to express a different opinion. We are corporate rock's worst nightmare. We are KUCI."

UCI Contracted to Develop Space Gym

FITNESS: Researchers funded to develop machine to help astronauts prevent zero-gravity atrophy.

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