Thursday, August 13, 2020

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Mark Mikin

A Moment of Zen: Me, A Beer, and the Quietly Buzzing Bee

CHRONICLES OF GNARNIA: The bee is quietly buzzing around Cara; it's not very much of a buzzing bee, just more of an annoying silent, small bug. I want to kill it, but no one else notices its buzzing. We're in a large circle, smoking in front of Jill's apartment.

America and Me: A Trip to the Real Country Called Cachuma Lake

CHRONICLES OF GNARNIA: We are nearing Cachuma Lake. Huge green hills are on either side of me. I can see them outside the freeway through the windshield, bushes spotting around, and everything is bald-looking. "Mark! America!" says my dad, sitting in the driver seat.

Happy Barf Day to Me: How I Met Blake Lively on Facebook

Chronicles of Gnarnia: This morning I woke up and became friends with the lead character from the television show, "Gossip Girl."

A HangHOVA From Mary J.

At almost midnight, the whole place was very dark and very cold. He was on the stage. He was wearing sunglasses. "Throw your diamonds up in the air," he said.

Reflections on Dunkaroos, Star Trek and Hannah Montana

My parents just called. Shit. They're coming already. Last night we had friends over and what was originally going to be three friends turned...

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