Sunday, April 18, 2021

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Marisha Pareek

Anteaters Celebrate Bike Month

Kurt Bahneman wants to “keep the campus cycling community rolling.” Kurt, who lives in Verano Place and attends Orange Coast Community College, has been part of the UCI biking community for two years as general manager of the Bike Shop.

From NY to CA: Fearing Earthquakes

Most people don’t remember the dreams they had as a child. For me, however, the vivid images of my childhood nightmares will be forever ingrained in my memory because they always involve the same scenario: an earthquake.

Posting the Perfect Status

We live in an age in which much of our social interaction takes place behind the safety of our computer screens. We are judged by the number of “friends” we manage to accumulate and the photo albums we upload documenting our seemingly enthralling lives. Perhaps the most telling indicators of our coolness are our tweets and Facebook statuses. We post our current annoyances, exciting updates and random musings, and within a millisecond, everybody in our social network is reading and analyzing our latest articulation.

Travel Horrors

The prototypical holiday season usually induces images of roaring fires, shiny presents and families convening from around the world to gather together around a well-laden table. The part that usually gets left out of the imagination is the one of bad weather, cramped planes and crowded airports. Images of gently-falling snow morph into the harsh reality of torrid blizzards that keep aircrafts circling runways for hours. Gingerbread houses? Eggnog? Ha!

A Southern Californian Winter Wonderland

Winter in Southern California hardly emulates the picturesque scenes you see on holiday cards or in children’s books. There aren’t any snowmen in peoples’...

Pope: No Glove, No Love

In a groundbreaking statement last week that astonished Catholics and non-Catholics alike, Pope Benedict XVI acknowledged that he thought condom use could be justified...

When Tech Monsters Take Over

A machine is something that is used to reduce the amount of energy and work that we exert. Decades of scientific progress have resulted...

Blame It On the A-A-A-A-A-Alcohol

The sunlight streams in through your window, waking you from restless slumber. You sit up, head pounding and stomach churning, and reach for your...

The iPad

Apple products have always been the epitome of technological chic. Their signature white ear buds, glossy screens and oh-so-stylishly simple logo keep users clamoring...

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