Build It and They Will Come. Well, I Went, I Watched and I Loved It

Whipping around the corner between the Mesa parking structure and Bren Events Center, my stumpy legs struggled to move as fast as I wanted them to. I was hustling. As I turned the corner, I spotted a sweatshirt bearing baby-blue and golden yellow: a Bruin fan. I huffed in disgust. Half because I was out of breadth from my journey across campus to the baseball field, and half because I hate seeing opposing colors on campus. Especially on a night like that.

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This Was the Greatest College Moment of My Life. Again.

March 10, 2006. I sat with 10 friends in a crowd of 2,817 at the Bren Events Center, watching and cheering for our then second- ranked men’s volleyball team in the nation as they played the top- ranked Brigham Young University. The atmosphere was like nothing I had ever experienced. It was about three-quarters of the way through my freshman year of college and I remember turning to my good friend Iris and saying, “This is the best night of my life.”

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