Tuesday, July 14, 2020

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Maxine Wally

Police Logs in Retrospect, I’m Sorry

By Maxine Wally Staff Writer The first time I was allowed to type in the police log section of the New University was during my predecessor,...

Collaboration: A Subtle Art

When artists collaborate, what are the legal issues behind that marriage and who owns what? For a craftsperson, these questions of a legal nature may not be particularly pressing points of interest. Yet it was precisely this topic that brought lawyers, artists, professionals and professors together in a discussion called “The Legal Side of Art Collaboration.”

Awards for the Exemplary

FINEST: UCI’s Lauds and Laurels ceremony boasted some especially glittering winners and attendees.

UCR Chancellor Goes Undercover

WHITE: CBS show “Undercover Boss,” gave Tim White a chance to see how the other half lives.

Until That Day, I Will Remain Reticent on the Couch

RESPECT: Women do not get the acknowleadgment they deserve for their knowledge of sports.

Homeopathy Comes to UCI

HOLISTIC: High-profile figure Susan Samueli pays a visit to our campus for an event put on by SIM.

News in Brief

Compiled by Maxine Wally and Suzanne Casazza, Staff Writers.

Planting the Flag

LISTEN: RadioFlag combines traditional radio with newfangled social media, creating a new way to listen.

Climate Concerns

ECOLOGY: UCI’s Environmental Law Society puts together an all-day conference on climate change.

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