Tuesday, October 20, 2020

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Nicolas Perez

The Only Outside Agitators Are, Literally, The Police

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz said on Saturday, May 30 that 80% of protestors in Minneapolis seeking justice for the murder of George...

Satire: Reopen California So I Can Get Burnt Coffee At A 24 hour Diner

While it is true that staying at home and closing non-essential businesses has been vital to slowing the spread of COVID-19, we...

The New Constitution Will Make It Impossible To Recall The Senate, Don’t Vote For It

On Feb. 25, the ASUCI Senate passed Legislation R55-43, The 2020 Constitutional Reform Act, with 14 yays and four nays, meaning that...

Chancellor Gillman, It’s Time To Cancel Class

Editor’s Note: Today, March 10, UCI Chancellor Howard Gillman released an email stating that UCI will be transitioning to a remote learning...

The Recall Of The Senate Is Not Unfounded

Every Senator in the ASUCI Senate is in jeopardy of being recalled as of March 7, as individual petitions for each Senator...

Napolitano’s Threat Against Striking Graduate Students Is A Threat To All Of Us

UC President Janet Napolitano has threatened to dismiss UC Santa Cruz graduate students after two months of non-union approved “wildcat” strikes if...

Satire: Editor-In-Chief Forces Lowly Opinion Co-Editor To Review “The Bachelor”

Like many of my peers, I have trouble saying “no.”

If Prisoners Can Save Our State, They Can Vote

the disenfranchisement of incarcerated individuals is a slippery slope leading to wider disenfranchisement for everyone and the further suppression of minority groups in America.

The Poop Tunnel Isn’t Fun, Stop Going In It

After walking out of Late Night at the Anteatery on a Friday, one of your dorm mates throws out the suggestion.

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