Tuesday, July 14, 2020

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Budget Deficit Surpasses Predictions

CRISIS: Projections for the state financial catastrophe may be more severe than initially anticipated. By: Sandra Abdelmalak Staff Writer

Happy 50th Birthday to the UC Education Abroad Program

TRAVEL: Celebrating half a century of supporting students in pursuing studies around the world. By: Jennifer Calderon

To Protest or Not To Protest

REPORT: The UC system clears its stance on student demonstrations on campuses. By: Sandra Abdelmalak Staff Writer

Davis Police Cheif Re“

Report: The task force charged with investigating the Davis pepper spray incident releases its findings. By Rayna Jensen

Shedding Light on Violence

Health: The UCI community united to take a stand against sexual assault and to honor its survivors. By Rayna Jensen

Penny for Your Thoughts: Examining Student Loans

FINANCE: With rising tuition costs, more undergraduates are opting to borrow money for college expenses. By Sofia Farooquee

New Ballot a Matter of Life and Death

Legality: The death penalty is among one of the most anticipated issues in the upcoming November elections. By Sandra Abdelmalak Staff Writer

Author Series Provides ‘Golden’ Opportunity

Literature: the most recent author series features a tale that delves into history to uncover the secrets of World War II. By Jacqueline Schat

Speak Up, Speak Out

Engage: The UC Irvine community voices concern over the rights to protest and demonstrate for causes. By Sandra Abdelmalak Staff Writer

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