Tuesday, July 14, 2020

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Nidia Sandoval

All Children Left Behind

As we become more blinded by our pointless attempts at achieving educational perfection, we are creating a fabricated intelligence. And in doing so, we are embedding rudimentary skills into a millions of students and passing it off as learning.

Trial of Verity

April 24, 2012 was the 97th year since the Armenian Genocide. Under the Ottoman Empire (present-day Turkey) 1.5 million men, women and children were shot, beaten, raped, drugged and drowned. This massacre predates the Holocaust and marks the beginning of modern genocide. And yet, there are some who claim that the piles of severed heads and images of starved, rib-caged corpses were merely byproducts of a civil war. Such denial has bludgeoned the Armenian Genocide into obscurity for nearly a century, but there has been and continues to be resistance.

A War on Whom?

When I was in high school I took Latin as my language requirement. It was the course that gave Cs just for attending class. There, I was the shy girl who wore oversized sweaters to cover her voluptuous chest. I was sitting in the back of the class reading “Mein Kampf” (no, I wasn’t a Nazi, just curious) when my classmate poured a line of cocaine onto his desk. He had done so covertly, darting his head around the room like a paranoid bird making sure the teacher wasn’t looking. He rolled up a dollar bill, stuck it to his nose, and snorted. Oh, the memories.

Boomers, Xers, Echo

America was still in Vietnam when UC Irvine opened in 1965. Jobs sprung from the dirt along with new housing complexes and turfgrass and thousands were attracted to the palm-treed paradise. War vets, Asian immigrants, Latino immigrants, African-Americans —pretty much everyone flocked to California. Meanwhile, UCI was just a few buildings situated in dry isolation surrounded by miles of dirt and blue sky.

Gingrich and His Three Wives

Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the House, cheated on his wives. The romance began with his high school teacher; they married, she got cancer, then he ran to his mistress. His mistress developed multiple sclerosis while he begged for an open marriage, but she was the wiser, so he fled to wife number three.

Soldiers Defile Corpses

A video of U.S. Marines defiling unidentified corpses, which was taped by a fellow Marine, has circulated the web on sites like YouTube, CNN, The New York Times, and internationally on Aljazeera and the BBC.

Remembering Occupy OC

The tents have been disassembled, blankets and lawn chairs folded and crammed into cars. The “We are the 99%” signs have been tucked into the backseat along with, “Take the money out of politics” and “Government of the People.” The Occupy Orange County protest took their last stand last Wednesday, Jan. 11. The protest was arguably victorious, but certainly amicable in nature.

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