Monday, August 10, 2020

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Nilofar Saraj

Moore’s Capitalism: An Ironic Story

Even though surrounding the New York Stock Exchange building with crime scene tape was classic, Michael Moore’s latest release, “Capitalism: a Love Story,” was not one of his best. However, to attack Michael Moore’s critique of capitalism by calling him a socialist is a tired, old Republican name-calling game. His argument for bringing a new economic system that fits the needs of the 21st Century, as oppose to 19th century capitalism and 16th Century socialism, is actually quite reasonable.

Toronto Dreams: Iranian Artists Aim to Debut their Art at Film Festival

When I found out about a Persian film festival in Toronto dedicated to young filmmakers exclusively from Iran, I immediately packed my bags and bought tickets with money from my savings. My aspirations for making films in Iran after college drew me to this festival, especially given that the judges were some prominent filmmakers flying in from Tehran. However, hours before my flight was set to depart, I was informed by Shahrokh Bahrololumi, the organizer of the festival, that the festival was postponed.

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