Red Bull or Can of Bull?

I’m going to go against the grain here and say that college students are healthier than is popularly believed.

Our diets? Nutritious and balanced. We eat from every part of the food pyramid — chips and fries (starches), dehydrated carrots in instant noodles (vegetables), strawberry sundae topping (fruits), and meat, meat and more meat…

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Battle of the Bulge

History books are wrong about the Battle of the Bulge. It didn’t happen in Europe during World War II; it’s happening in our homes on the fourth Thursday of every November. As Thanksgiving draws closer this year and threatens waistlines everywhere, it would be wise of us to devise a strategy to deal with this dangerous opponent. This opponent is none other than the duplicious Thanksgiving dinner. The following are the resources and attack strategies of the Thanksgiving dinner:

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Venom in Denim

I have something in common with the prime ministers, presidents and corporate tycoons of the world. Is it my gold-plated Rolls-Royce bedazzled in hulking 24-carat diamonds? My intricate knowledge of the world’s most secretive nuclear arsenals? The fact that I can call up the British prime minister for a spot o’ tea n’ crumpets? Well, I’m working on those … but in the meantime, the closest I am to that Rolls-Royce is when I stud my Toyota with rhinestones.

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