Saturday, April 4, 2020

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Oriana Gonzalez

Messages Reveal Alleged Misconduct From ASUCI Senate Members And ASUCI Associate Justice

The Office of the Student Advocate General released the evidence against ASUCI Senate Parliamentarian and Judicial Board Associate Justice Kimo Gandall and...

ASUCI Senate Members Found Guilty Of Misconduct

An investigation from the Student Advocate General found ASUCI members guilty of several misconduct charges.

UCI Winter Finals And Spring Classes To Be Held Remotely Due To COVID-19

Chancellor Howard Gillman announced earlier today that final exams for winter quarter and spring...

UCI Will Not Cancel Classes Despite Confirmed Coronavirus Cases In Orange County

Chancellor Howard Gillman announced that UCI will continue to operate normally during week 10...

ASUCI Senate Impeaches ASUCI President Without Notifying The Student Advocate General

The ASUCI Senate impeached ASUCI President Randy Yan on Thursday, Feb. 27 without notifying...

ASUCI Senate Passes New Election Rules Without Notifying The Elections Commission

The ASUCI Senate passed a legislation that changed the Elections Code on Feb. 18 without consulting with the Elections Commissioner. 

Meeting Halsey’s “Manic” Mind For The First Time

Halsey has always been a storyteller. Now, for the first time, she's telling her own story.

Selena Gomez Reminds Us How “Rare” She Is

“Rare” covers everything from her love life to her relationship with social media, but overall, it focuses on her journey to self-love and acceptance with a new chill pop sound that matches this mood.

ASUCI’s Housing Security Commission Presents Peter’s Place: Know Your Resources

ASUCI’s Housing Security Commission hosted Peter’s Place to inform students of the housing resources available on campus on Nov. 20.

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