Saturday, April 4, 2020

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Governor Brown’s New Corporate Board Bill Undermines Women’s Capabilities

This past Sunday, California Governor Jerry Brown signed into order the last remaining bills of his tenure as he prepares to exit the office this November after serving four terms.

Telltale Games: The Demise and State of Episodic Games

It was a major blow to the gaming community when independent video game company, Telltale Games, announced their imminent closure.

Amazon’s Push for an Increased Federal Minimum Wage has Consequences for Low-Wage Workers

This past Tuesday, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced he would be increasing the minimum wage of all the company’s employees to $15 an hour.

Taxi Driver Suicides: The Cost of Convenience

With the advent of ride sharing services like Uber and Lyft, taxi drivers have become a thing of the past. But what about those who haven’t?

California: Where the Streets are Home

Homelessness in California has been a continuous issue with no feasible solution for decades. In the upcoming midterm election, a proposition on the ballot aims to help reduce the growing homeless population.

Abortion Pill Veto Restricts Access to Safe Medical Services for Students

On September 30th, Governor Jerry Brown vetoed a measure that would require all public university student centers to provide abortion medication no later than January 1, 2022.

No One Needs a Billion Dollars

Imagine for a moment you have a billion dollars. What would you buy? Whose lives would you change? How many swimming pools would...

Moral Accountability: Holding Politicians to a Higher Standard

In light of senator Ted Cruz’s recent support for accused sex offender Brett Kavanaugh, I didn’t feel the least bit of sympathy toward him after hearing that he was harassed in a restaurant to such an extent that he had to leave.

Three Years and Three Counts: How Much is Enough?

Oprah was right. A new day is certainly on the horizon in the world of Hollywood and entertainment. On Tuesday September 25, the formerly influential and beloved American stand-up comedian Bill Cosby was sentenced to three to ten years in prison for three counts of sexual assault.

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