Monday, February 24, 2020

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Age Is Not Just A Number

In the world of Hollywood, relationships are defined by star power.

KUCI Deserves More Bus Airplay

Ever in the mood to listen to something a little different than the usual Spotify or Apple Music playlists?

Four Corners: Disney-Pixar Bracket Debate

Caitlin Antonios: What was the first Disney film, or Pixar film, that you guys ever saw? Megan Cole: Probably “Lion King” was the first one...

San Diego Zoo Keeps Animals Captive the Right Way

Like many students who wanted to relish the too-short break, I spent most of mine lounging around until I spontaneously decided to go to...

The Bren, Now and Then: UCI’s Event Center Should Bring Back Student-Focused Entertainment

As UCI’s main events venue, the Donald Bren Events Center holds hundreds of events each year ranging from basketball games to cheer competitions and...

How Cold-Calling Hinders Student Learning Experience

The awkward silence is the worst. A teacher asks a question and no one responds. Whether it’s a lack of interest or a lack...

ASUCI Election Endorsements

Student Fee Referendum Information: Measure U Newspaper Fund: This student fee referendum seeks to renew a current 99 cent student fee and increase it to...

The Underwhelming Coverage of Trump’s Syria Attack

Church Attacked. Refugee Fighting Increases. Chemical Weapons Used in Syria. Our eyes just glaze over the headlines we see day after day. I didn’t...

PewDiePie Controversy Demonstrates Media Battle

The internet went up in arms last week after the Wall Street Journal published an article revealing that Disney (which owns Maker Studios, a...

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