Wednesday, December 1, 2021

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Thanksgiving: The Forgotten Holiday

IRVINE, CA - Protests broke out outside of Halloween Club in University Town Center this weekend after a crowd of Thanksgiving enthusiasts prevented customers...

What My College Essay Should Have Been

Dear Admissions Board, You have asked that I provide you with some insight into my world in 250-650 words. Below is my struggle, my endurance,...

Letter To The Editor: Responding To “To And For Your Health”

The New University’s editorial “To and For Your Health” gets some things right and some things wrong about the Affordable Care Act, which is...

Letter to the Editor: Responding To “Liberation Week Comes To UCI”

An opinion on the article of Cleo Tobbi “Liberation Week comes to UCI” in the May 15th, 2012 issue of New University. The recent coverage...

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