Sunday, April 5, 2020

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Getting to Know UCI’s DREAM Center: An Interview With Interim Director Dr. Angela Chen

Chen’s experience as a formerly undocumented student has largely informed her career-long commitment to serving the undocumented community.

A Royal Dreading

Graphic by Toan Truong It was less than two years ago when the world gathered around to watch the...

Satire: Editor-In-Chief Forces Lowly Opinion Co-Editor To Review “The Bachelor”

Like many of my peers, I have trouble saying “no.”

We Hate to Ask, Again, But Will You Help Lecturers?

On behalf of my fellow lecturers system-wide, nearly 4,000 of us, please stand with us once more.

From Female MC To Washington D.C.

Ah yes, Cardi B. Who can forget the notorious stripper from the Bronx who seemingly okurr’d her way to the top of the Billboard charts and won the attention of millions?

If Prisoners Can Save Our State, They Can Vote

the disenfranchisement of incarcerated individuals is a slippery slope leading to wider disenfranchisement for everyone and the further suppression of minority groups in America.

We Need To Strongly Consider A Four-Day Workweek

Microsoft Japan made headlines on Nov. 4 when they announced their month long four-day workweek experiment to be a resounding success, with productivity reportedly jumping by 40%.

Emma Watson Redefines Singledom

In her latest interview with British Vogue, English actress and activist Emma Watson described her relationship status as “self-partnered,” coining the phrase as an alternative to “single.”

Asthma Patients Should Not Feel Guilty For Their Carbon Footprint

The University of Cambridge released a study that says that people who suffer from asthma — a lung condition that can be life-threatening — can reduce their carbon footprint by switching their inhalers to eco-friendly alternatives.

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