Sunday, March 29, 2020

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The DNA Testing Of Immigrants Is Rooted In Race Science, Not Public Safety

The Trump administration proposed a new rule to collect DNA samples from immigrants crossing the border on Monday, Oct. 21.

Modern Slavery: Inmates Fighting Fires

In the wake of California’s recent wildfires, unexpected heroes united to put out the flames.

The Paris Climate Agreement: Not Trump’s Decision

After years of denouncing climate change as a hoax, winning the presidency on an anti-environmentalist platform and defunding multiple environmental programs, President Trump officially initiated America’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement on Nov. 4.

Bipartisanship Can Save The Delta Smelt

The unassuming delta smelt, a silvery fish measuring five to seven centimeters long, has become the center of the debate over California’s water usage.

Satire: We Need To Strongly Consider A Four Day Work Week For The Teen Girls On Tik Tok

Being a teen girl is hard, I should know, I’ve read “The Fault In Our Stars” by middle aged male author John Green and seen multiple slice of life anime revolving around such characters.

The Problem With Democracy In Hong Kong Isn’t Really China, It’s America

Freedom and democracy have become synonymous beliefs — without democracy, there is no freedom for the people.

The Queen of Clickbait

Youtube has been one of this era’s most influential and defining platforms.

Fur Is Not Fashion

Wearing fur is no longer a fashion statement but a crime with civil penalties in the state of California.

The End of Drive-Thrus?

The American tradition of pulling into the drive-thru lane at fast-food restaurants to order is going to be a challenge in cities across the U.S. as local legislators ban the construction of new drive-thru windows.

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