Thursday, August 13, 2020

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Patrick Ross

Treading the fine line between scary and campy in horror films

Horror films, more so than films of other genres, tend to tow a fine line between creating anxiety and hilarity.

When You’re Wary o f Critics, Put a Little Faith in Yourself

Critical acclaim. What does that mean, anyway? Subjectivity and objectivity are really dicey, especially in entertainment where there are always two sides of the coin. Word of mouth is one thing, but the word of critics? I have nothing against a friend telling me to catch a movie because he thought it was interesting, but he couldn’t possibly tell me how I’d feel about it. Doesn’t that take away the art of the entire thing?

Jumping the Gun: The Downfalls of Going for the Gimmick Effect

What makes a summer blockbuster? Is it just a special effects extravaganza or does there have to be more to it?

Sci-Fi Junkies: Put Your Past Loyalties Aside and Take a Fresh Perspective

Shapan: Getting excited about a movie is fun. A lot of people hate being late for movies not because they missed that critical first five minutes of the movie, but because they missed the trailers. Trailers are like Christmas gifts you can tuck under a tree. You might have an idea of what it is, but you’ll never know for sure. Isn’t that exciting? And isn’t that excitement refreshing?

Say Goodbye to Print and Keep Your Eyes Glued To Your Screen

Subscribers to Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM) found in January that their subscriptions were canceled. Meanwhile, on the other side of the print industry, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, after publishing since 1863, closed its doors and went online.

Your 2009 Guide to Upcoming Entertainment Festivals

Spring is here, summer is quickly approaching, and soon we'll all be baking in the sun. With everything so pleasant outside, these months beg for activity, activity that might be down a bit thanks to how easy it is these days to wrap yourself up in your little corner of the world. There are always things to do outside but sometimes it doesn't seem worth it. But you're an adventurous one, aren't you? I can tell from the look in your eyes. Oh, and you like music, do you? Well, then you should be in luck.

Throw Out the Game Cartridges and Embrace the Digital Age

Digital distribution has been detrimental to media like films and music that rely on DVDs and album releases to generate extra income for the studios. However, the opposite is true for video games in that avoiding brick-and-mortar retail outlets actually cuts costs for developers. A new trend is emerging in the gaming industry toward titles produced exclusively for digital distribution.

Dramedies: Sacrificing Humor in the Name of Drama

Shapan: Comedies are being churned out all the time in modern cinema, and why not? Laughter, after all, is the best medicine. Nowadays, it's tough to find a comedy that doesn't include at least one of the actors from the popular "Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgandy." Of course, that film had little intellectual purpose, but it was the perfect laugh. Memorable characters, hilarious jokes and a story you didn't have to worry about keeping up with. Good times, right? Wrong.

The Decline of the Disc and Media in an Online 21st Century

Fewer people look forward to release dates of their favorite music albums. Fewer people are excited when their favorite shows are released on DVD. Yes, the economy is facing tough times and people might not be spoiling themselves as much as they used to with life's little luxuries. But an even bigger factor in the decline in anticipation may involve the availability of media elsewhere, on the ever-consuming all-powerful, Internet.

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