Monday, September 28, 2020

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Ryan Cady

Buy Girl Scout Cookies

Every once in awhile, it is important to take some time away from all of the hard-hitting political and social banter, and focus on the things that are really important in life. You know, like Girl Scout cookies.

Should We Be Afraid of China’s Development?

China. Does the name send shivers down your spine? Should it? The World’s Most Populous State (1.3 billion people) is the fastest growing economy in history, rocketing past Germany and the U.K. in recent years to take third place in the world market. In the past three months, Japan has reportedly fallen just behind China for yet another quarter, tentatively making China the world’s second largest economy. With that kind of track record, how long before they take number one?

Is Yudof Really To Blame?

Mark Yudof has been called one of the Top Ten Best College Presidents of All Time by Time magazine. When he became president of the UC System in 2008, he stepped into a financial bear trap: Arnold had just cut the UC budget by 20 percent when the UC was already facing a billion-dollar deficit. Not to mention the fact that there wasn’t going to be much help from the rest of the state itself as California was feeling the brunt of the recession.

Who is Reince Priebus?

No, seriously: Who the hell is Reince Priebus? Aside from someone with a really cool name, Reince Priebus is the new chairman of the...

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