Saturday, July 11, 2020

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Rachel Cinco

Chancellor Emeritus Cicerone Speaks on Climate Change

SCIENCE: Ralph J. Cicerone addressed the causes of changes in global temperature and climate.

Profs. Join Academy of Science

Two UC Irvine professors, Barbara Finlayson-Pitts and Anthony James, were recently elected to the National Academy of Sciences. Both are scheduled to be officially inducted next spring.

Urban Planning Professors Raise Awareness on Growing Inequality

Television shows such as 'The OC' have given Orange County a reputation for being affluent, with expensive cars and wealthy lifestyles. On average, OC

Philanthropist Gives GSM $30 Million

UC Irvine received its largest individual donation in its history last week with a $30 million contribution to the Graduate School of Management from

Stem-Cell Research Underway at UCI

Hans Stegmann Keirstead, assistant professor and researcher at the Reeve-Irvine Research Center, is revolutionizing medical science through work which

Construction to Begin in Spring

After much planning and several delays, the Student Center and Cross-Cultural Center are scheduled to undergo construction to begin Phase IV of the pl

Molecules Can Extend Lives of HIV Infected

Assistant professor Gregory Weiss of the Department of Chemistry and his team of researchers have discovered small molecules called guanidine alkaloid

Deans Cope With Budget Cuts

Due to California's budget deficit, billion-dollar cuts have been made to many state programs including the University of California system. Here at U

Task Force Targets Alcohol Purchasers

The UCI Police Department, in conjunction with the City of Irvine Police Department, is attempting to crack down on underage drinking by launching a n

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