Sunday, May 31, 2020

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Letters to the Editor: UC I Vote…UC I Am Disappointed

Partisan Event Encourages Uninformed Votes

Letters to the Editor

A History Lesson: Gramm and McCain Partly to Blame; Sallie Mae: Discontinued Student Loans Won't Affect UCI Students; Obama's Connection to Ayers Should Not Be Ignored

Letters to the Editor: UC Irvine Dining Services Does the Right Thing

Student and professor laud UCI Dining for switch to organic eggs.

Letters to the Editor

UC Irvine Peace Flag Project Completes the Circle

Letters to the Editor

OCR Investigation Exonerates Free Speech I am relieved that the Office of Civil Rights investigation cleared the UC Irvine administration of anti-Semitism allegations. It is a...


For Smiles and Joy, Put the Christ in Christmas I'm writing in response to 'Christmas: Really a Religious Holiday?' by Eric Brunner because I...

Letters To The Editor

Why Would Students Give Up Voting? My name is Cody Brown and I hail from New York University. I was a student in the class...

Why Students Choose Tuition Over Voting

In a recent survey of 3,000 New York University students, 20 percent said they would exchange their right to vote in the 2008 presidential...

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