Tuesday, January 18, 2022

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Sandeep Abraham

World Wide Welcome

COLLEGE: UCI joins CollegeWeekLive network to welcome students over the internet.

Adam Wheeler Goes to Harvard

“It is not in our inherent nature in our industry to be suspicious,” said Edward de Villafranca, a former admissions worker at Manhattanville College...

Asbestos Discovered

CARCINOGEN: Old asbestos was found and removed; authorities say no danger involved.

The Article Between the Two Other Articles

For years, the Muslim Student Union (MSU) and the Anteaters for Israel (AFI) have waged their petty campus pissing contest over who has more...

Nuclear Problems

ECONOMICS: An inexpensive fuel to power nuclear power plants may be more risky than helpful.

University Application Age Discrimination? Or Lack Thereof…

college: UCs don’t seem to share the problem of age discrimination that other schools have. By Sandeep Abraham Staff Writer

Driving the Blood Drive Bus

Profile: Kim Chi Bui may prick the arms of many UCI students, but many don’t know the work behind the blood.

Great Green Hope

You know California is in trouble when we start looking to stoners to save us from economic collapse, or at least the stoner-friendly initiative,...

The Redistricting Committee in California Searches for Applicants

DISTRICT: Finding diverse candidates is becoming an issue for the gerrymandering committee.

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