Tuesday, January 18, 2022

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Sara Chavez

ASUCI Officers Explain the Allocation of Student Fees

ASUCI expects to receive a total of $1,028,700 from quarterly student fees this year. The distribution of this money is handled by the finance committ

Lit Working On a New Album and Restaurant

Everybody knows the band Lit, or at least they do and they just don't know it. Remember the song 'My Own Worst Enemy?' That's the son where Lit vocal

Comprehensive Review Evaluates More Than SATs

Chair of UC Regents John Moores recently claimed that students with SAT scores below 1,000 'don't have any business' attending University of Californi

Budget Cuts Limit Enrollment

Due to deep cuts in the 2003-2004 California state budget, many schools in the University of California system, including UCI, are forced to cap their

ASUCI Pushes for Availability of UCI Teacher Evaluations

ASUCI Academic Affairs Vice President Charlene Manalo received official support from the ASUCI Legislative Council to have student evaluations of UCI

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