Thursday, August 13, 2020

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Stella Cho

Staff Farewell by Stella Cho

Older students have always told me that your college years are the best years of your lifeā€”so live it up! Looking back, I can say one thing: So far, so good.

Law School to Open Doors Soon; Senior Faculty Positions Filled

LAW SCHOOL: Dean and Chancellor confirm that Donald Bren School of Law will open on time in fall 2009.

Rumors of Sociology 69’s Demise Unfounded

SOCIOLOGY: Students had campaigned to save the course, only to discover that it was never in jeopardy.

UCI Student Helps Participate in Search and Rescue Op.

RESCUE: UCI student helps Marin Search and Rescue Team find the Dominguez family stranded in the snow.

Multiple Sclerosis Breakthrough

HEALTH: Dietary supplements like glucosamine may prove useful as an oral therapy.

Fight to Lower Textbook Prices

Organization: Assembly bill 832 could be the answer to cheaper textbooks and transparency between producers and faculty.

Drake Apologizes; Law School Dean Re-Hired

Chancellor: Drake's apology has Academic Senate and UCI faculty debating his leadership.

News in Brief

Sen. Boxer Visits Stem Cell Center

Exposing Memory Distortions

PSYCHOLOGY: Prof. Loftus examines the fragility of the human mind at Schneiderman Bioethics Lecture.

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