Thursday, August 13, 2020

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Shapan Debnath

A Long Slow Goodbye

I find goodbyes to be pretty interesting. No matter how famous you are, your entire career can be defined with a bang or with...

The Appeal of “Torture Porn”

We all have friends that love certain movies that we just don’t get. The girls that love the chick flicks. The dudes that will...

Cautious ‘IRL’ Vs. Caustic Internet

The Internet is a beautiful place. Games, movies and music, all with easy accessibility that people wouldn’t dream of if it didn’t already exist....

Little Defense for ‘Transference’

UNDERDOGS: Spoon’s newest album, “Transference,” more closely resembles a fork. It’s got gaps.

A Late Tonight Show? A No-No for Coco

How did I react to Conan O’ Brien getting backstabbed by NBC? Well, here’s a little back-story. Conan and Andy Richter pretty much laid...

Welcome to the Arthouse: Cinema Vs. Joe Schmoe

So, I watch a lot of movies and I’m fortunate enough to know people who are willing to watch a lot of movies. I’m a fan of mainstream movies, and I have my favorite popular actors and actresses. I like it when things blow up, and will gladly put on 3D glasses to watch a horror movie because it will feel like I’m in a freaking cage whenever the guys on screen are next to chain-linked fences. Sometimes I like going into a movie knowing what I’m going to get and coming out of it feeling content.

A Decade Under the Influence: Summing up 2000-2009

Sometimes I don’t even have to think of ideas for my columns. Sometimes the ideas are neatly laid out for me and all I have to do is simply recall memories and ideas.

Modern Disney: Mixed Responses

Amidst all the “New Moon” hoopla that has sadly distracted tweens of all sorts, people have forgotten that Disney is releasing a new throwback animated movie called “The Princess and the Frog.” You’ve likely seen a trailer for it somewhere.

The Backlash Against DIY-ers

I’ve always enjoyed the term “DIY.” Something about it makes me feel warm inside. I mean, how can you misconstrue what DIY represents? Do it yourself. Of course, why not? Nobody does it better, right?

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