Thursday, October 1, 2020

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Erum Siddiqui

ASUCI: The Apartheid Divestment (Pro)

On November 13, ASUCI unanimously passed a legislation to divest from companies that profit from apartheid. It is refreshing to see that our campus...

Palestine/Israel: A Deadly Division

1,426 children are dead in Palestine since September 2000. These children were caught in the middle of the Palestinian and Israeli conflict. Since 1948, there have been about 171 Jewish settlements built in the occupied Palestinian territories, more than 8,500 Palestinians have died, and a 25-foot wall that encloses them into a small densely packed territory has been put up. This by definition is apartheid because the sole reason of their separation is because they are Palestinians.

Hajj: A Pilgrimage

Everyone defines the word “sacrifice” differently, yet it is a universal action that manifests itself in our daily lives. Students sacrifice their time for...

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