Tuesday, August 4, 2020

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Sara Naor

The War On Shipping

Sometimes I feel bad when I realize I won’t have any cool war stories for my children like my father had, but I realize...

5 Things People Forgot to Mention About College

By Sara Naor Staff Writer College can be the time of your life and there are plenty of handbooks and lists that tell you what to...

The Pros and Cons of Facebook Profiling: Pro

We have all been warned to keep our social networking profiles clean from any incriminating evidence. But even the strongest of privacy settings may not be able to protect you from employer’s newest strategy: directly asking for the login information.

What Happens When Google Rules the World?

In a world where information is literally at your fingertips, one corporation reigns supreme: Google Inc. Or at least they will one day. After Google’s latest acquisition of Motorola, the question of if Google will rule the world has become when instead.

The Ups and Downs of Zipcars [edit: 5/8/11]

The hardest thing about college is being separated from everything that is familiar to me: my friends, family, bedroom and especially my car.

The Trevor Project Offers Support

In the fall of 2010, the nation was engrossed by a surge of gay teen suicide. Within the span of a few months, nine gay students committed suicide due to bullying and lack of acceptance from their peers.

“Gay Cure” iPhone App Begs For Banhammer

There is no doubt that when you are looking through a SmartPhone like the Apple iPhone, the most impressive aspect of it is the variety of applications offered. There are apps for work, games, sports, news, money and more. In fact, one of the primary reasons to have a smart phone is the variety of applications, both free and priced, that are offered.

Why it is Important to Study Religious Texts

“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” Even if you did not study the Bible in school, you probably recognize this iconic phrase found at the beginning of the Hebrew Bible in the first verse of Genesis.

The Perils of Pretentious Co-workers

My first job was a memorable one. Six Flags Magic Mountain is probably among the most exciting ways to earn a paycheck. Shouting kids, screaming adults, terrifying roller coasters and some of the best co-workers a person could ask for.

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