Wednesday, December 1, 2021

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Sona Patel

LAFF Combats Mainstream Film

Twenty-one theaters at the Irvine Spectrum provide an ample selection of the latest Hollywood blockbusters. Red carpets and big-name stars are no match for small, low-budget and independent films, right? Well, maybe not.

Study Abroad While

Imagine climbing the Eiffel Tower, perusing the streets of London or visiting museums in Barcelona

Grad Students Win Lawsuit

A San Francisco judge recently ruled against the UC Regents in a lawsuit brought by a group of UC professional students.

Share Our Selves in Santa Ana

Partying in Rosarito was no spring break ideal for some UC Irvine students on a mission. While classmates hit the beach, volunteers for the Share Our Selves Medical Clinic of Costa Mesa were busy launching a community health fair to combat youth obesity.

Profs. Provide Insightful Counterpoint

On the eve of a heated protest by the Muslim Student Union against the College Republicans, two academics from Bethlehem University and Hebrew University engaged in a dialogue to impart an understanding of the conflict in the Middle East as part of a join

Chancellor Preaches Tolerance

After eight months on the job, Chancellor Michael Drake has had his share of ups and downs. Last week, The New University got a chance to sit down with Drake to find out what he has in store for the future of UC Irvine.

‘Blonde’ Reveals True Hitchcock

A 1920s set of the Alfred Hitchcock movie 'Psycho' evolves into a present-day search to uncover the relics of an unfinished film in the London play, 'Hitchcock Blonde.'

Cygan Resigns From UCIMC

Ralph Cygan, CEO of the UC Irvine Medical Center, resigned on Jan. 31 amid a series of scandals taking a toll on the hospital and the university. Cygan was put on paid administrative leave in November 2005 by Chancellor Michael Drake, while an investigat

Spanish Female Director Celebrated

Would you live your life any differently if you knew you had only three months to live? A low-budget film shown to a group of students turned out to be an opportunity to reflect on materialism, existentialism and self-gratification that we find present in

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