Friday, February 28, 2020

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Sona Patel

Medical Center To Be Investigated After Suicide

The UC Irvine Medical Center Neuropsychiatric Center will undergo an investigation by the California Department of Health Services after an 18-year-old patient in the youth-services neuropsychiatric center committed suicide on Dec. 14.

Chancellor Drake Responds to UCIMC Liver Program Scandal

In an effort to investigate the causes of the failures of the liver transplant program at the UC Irvine Medical Center, Chancellor Michael Drake has formed a blue ribbon committee to head an investigation into the program.

Traveling the World: Part Three

A dim light reflects off blue-stained concrete walls. There are cracks in the wall, yet the structure is still pretty solid. There are no windows or doors to let the sunlight in. A low ceiling causes voices to echo inside. The feeling of walking through

A Student Journalist Travels the World: Part Two

The bazaar on Ben Yehuda Street in Jerusalem was any shopaholic's paradise. Whether you're into clothes, shoes or Judaica (Jewish religious items), this downtown street had it all.

A Student Journalist Travels

One hundred fifteen-degree weather, a camera, a notebook and dozens of Ein Gedi water bottles were all I needed to experience Israel.

Anteaters of the Past Return to Reflect and Celebrate

In 1968, climbing the steps of what was then the Main Library wasn't an easy task for Karen Phillips; she had to make it past the anti-Vietnam war pro

UCI is Addicted to Friendster

When is the last time you went through the phone numbers in your cell phone just to catch up with old friends?

Student Fees Increase, But So Does Need-Based Financial Aid

As the cost of attendance at UC Irvine increases, students may wonder where their student fees are actually going. Undergraduate California residents currently pay $7,474.50...

Zionists Allege Discrimination

A New York-based Jewish organization has called on the U.S. Department of Education to investigate claims of anti-Semitism at UC Irvine. A civil right

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