Monday, April 6, 2020

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Sona Patel

Gorbachev Receives Peacebuilding Award at UCI

Once the leader of one of the world's most powerful countries, former Soviet president and 1990 Nobel Peace Prize recipient Mikhail Gorbachev addresse

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Irvine City Police Capture Suspects in Local Robbery, Huntington's Disease Protein Discovered

7-Eleven Employee Killed During Shift

In February 2003, Suresh Dass came to the United States looking for what many people are hopeful for in the land of opportunity: a better life.

Candidates Vie for State Assembly

In preparation for the March 2 primaries, local candidates vying for the 68th, 69th and 70th California State Assembly positions served on question an

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United Taco Bell Employees Strike for Better Benefits, 'Super Tuesday' Voters to Decide on Ballot Measures

UCI Staff Partake in Same-Sex Marriages

In what has been deemed a unique act of civil disobedience, the city of San Francisco began issuing marriage certificates to gay couples on Feb. 12.

New Research Links Smoking to Personality Traits

Whether it is for stress relief or for purely social purposes, smoking has been popular among both those young and old regardless of gender.

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Annual E-Week Highlights the Engineering School, UCI Virologists Receive $3 Million to Study Bacteria

Forum Addresses Justifications for War

As part of the Department of International Studies' winter 2004 forums, professor of English and comparative literature Margot Norris hosted 'Shifting

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