Campus Dating

I met my girlfriend in my dorm during my freshman year and we really hit it off. The next year we ended up being in the same apartment complex (we don’t live in the same apartment, just the complex) and have been living there for the past quarter.

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It’s a blue christmas without green

I’m a young mom who used to work from home. Recently, I’ve taken a pay cut and my husband’s job cut his hours down. I’m worried about what I’m going to be getting my family members (especially my kids) this Christmas. How do I get them to understand what’s happening? What should I do to keep Christmas the way it always has been?

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Her boyfriend wants her on birth control – could oral sex and flavored condoms fix this jam?

My boyfriend has been bugging me about going on birth control so he can stop wearing condoms when we have sex. He says that every time he puts a condom on it turns him off. I’ve been thinking about doing it, but I just can’t get past the fact that I’m putting chemicals in my body and risking weight gain and emotional roller coasters. We’ve been trying just having sex until we absolutely have to put the condom on but that just feels unsafe.

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Are you a Sexy Sebastian attracted to a Mediocre Mary? Solve your quandary by putting an end to your douchebaggery…

I am kind of a superficial guy–every chance I get, I check girls out. I love looking at girls. However, I recently started having feelings for one girl, let’s call her, Mediocre Mary. As her name implies, she is not so cute, but her personality is bomb. I don’t know what to do, and while this may seem like an easy answer, looks are a huge deal to me. What can I do to maybe see her differently or get over her?

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Flirtatious texts, booties and exes, oh my! This man just can’t get past his player-crush.

I have a mad crush on a guy who was in one of my classes. He’s everything I want in someone because he’s funny, he’s got a great personality, and he has got a booty! I’m a booty kind a guy and trust me, this guy’s bootylicious. So we talk and we’ve gone out for a couple drinks and we’ve kissed and he’s great and we’ll flirt and we’ll have lunch dates and so on and so forth.

BUT! He’s got an ex….

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Is your girlfriend too close to her ex or are you just jealous?

I’ve been dating my girlfriend for a year now, but in the past few months she’s been getting a lot of text messages and sometimes phone calls from her ex boyfriend. She says that they’re just good friends but I’m not so sure. I trust her, but it makes me incredibly uncomfortable that he’s contacting her so much and every time I bring it up she gets furious. And that makes me wonder how much they talk when I’m not around. Am I just being crazy? Or is there something to this?

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