Saturday, October 23, 2021

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Taraneh Arhamsadr

Sports O’Call 2006 Sets Sail, Raises Big $

The Anteater Recreation Center wasn't home to your average crowd of sweaty, iron-pumping students on Saturday night. Instead, it was filled with a different kind of sports fan-one with a big wallet and a love of the game.

The Back-Up Plan—Trust Me, You Need One, Too

It's almost one in the morning, at the end of a spring break filled with waiting tables, gin and tonics and random acts of senseless adventure. Instead of being relaxed, however, I am forever uneasy, with a sickening knot in my stomach and a head that is

Regents Remove Sudan Investments

In a decisive move, the Regents of the University of California voted at a March 16 meeting to remove investments from nine companies with financial ties to the Sudanese government in protest of the government's acts of genocide in the Darfur region.

Phoenix Grille Applies for Permit to Serve Alcohol to Thirsty

The beloved Anthill Pub has been included in the plans for the renovated Student Center, set to re-open in fall 2007. Whether students knew about it or not, these plans have always been public information.

Lady Anteaters, Stop Selling Yourselves Short Or You’ll Regret I

Ladies of UC Irvine, you are accomplished, intelligent and informed. You've all earned your place at this fine institution through hard work and persistence. You're capable of anything you put your minds to. But I have a bone to pick with some of you.

EHSP Department To Close

After months of thought and speculation, it was announced, to the initial dismay of graduate students, that a plan to dissolve the Department of Environmental Health, Science and Policy within the School of Social Ecology is being put into action.

Hey UCI: I’m Old, I’m Hungry And I Need a Place to Sit!

It's time for me to complain about something again. Don't get me wrong. Nagging isn't something I enjoy. But UC Irvine, you make it too easy. With the administration's grand efforts to create a grand Student Center for our future Anteaters, they have bee

Spectrum’s Affordable Culinary Treasures

Oh, to be a struggling college student without the luxury of luxuries. What a pickle! It's not easy to dutifully hit the books and go to work every day on a diet of frozen food, pizza or simple homemade concoctions.

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