Sunday, April 18, 2021

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Traci Garling Lee

Lady Gaga: On the “Edge of Glory”

JUDAS: Lady Gaga is the official Queen of Pop, but is “Born This Way” another gem in her crown?

To UCI, With Love

From beginning as a Layout intern to becoming Managing Editor, I’ve seen UCI through the eyes of the New University for three years of highs and lows. Though it hasn’t always been a stroll through the park, I’ve loved my time at the New U because it’s given me the opportunity to meet people all over campus, to talk with administrators and student leaders and to learn about everything from budgets to athletics.

Conclusion: Jesse Cheng Resigns From Student Regent Position

RENOUNCE: Student Regent-Designate Alfredo Mireles, Jr. will assume Cheng’s role in these final weeks.

The Chronicle of Post-Education: Be True to Your School – Learning to Love Everything About UC Irvine

We face limited options as June nears. For some, certainty comes in the form of graduate school; for others, it’s moving back home with mom and dad. Either way, our college days are coming to an end.

Breaking: Student Regent Jesse Cheng Resigns

In a statement released earlier this evening, Jesse Cheng has confirmed that he has resigned from his position as Student Regent. Cheng's resignation comes...

The Chronicle of Post-Education: Not Just for Passing Notes – “Do You Like Me? Check Yes, No or Maybe.”

I’m on the edge of my seat. Every time my phone rings or I receive an email, my heart races. It’s a terrible feeling – worse than waiting for a midterm or final exam grade, I’ve decided, because this is something that’s deciding my future: I’ve been waiting for two weeks to be accepted or rejected for a job.

The Chronicle of Post-Education: Phone Interviews – A Necessary Evil In the Pursuit of Relocation

Phone interviews are awkward. I’m not even going to try to start this column with an interesting lede because it’s just a fact: I dislike phone interviews.

The Chronicle of Post-Education: Thank God it’s Friday Night, ‘Cause I Just (Just, Juuust) Got Paid

If I’m no longer a student, does the label “starving college student” no longer apply? Okay, “starving” is an exaggeration. I still have some ice cream in my freezer.

Anaheim, You Can Take My Team, But Not My Memories

RELOCATION: The Sacramento Kings might soon say “farewell” to their devastated loyal fans.

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