Thursday, August 13, 2020

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Taylor Hudson

Finkelstein Downplays Middle East Conflict

SPEAKER: Scholar claims that controversy of Israeli occupation is falsely exaggerated by media.

Former ASUCI Director Charged with Assaulting Fellow Employee

ASSAULT: Lance MacLean accepts early retirement leave after assaulting a UCI employee last October.

The Vagina Monologues

How exactly is a 22-year-old male with relatively little experience dealing with the opposite sex supposed to react to a show that revolves around...

Drawn and Quoted

Most Edumacated Person of the Week: 'I know the pundits, and I know what they say: The math doesn't work out. Well, I didn't...

Public NewSense

New U dictato, uhm, editor in chief Taylor Hudson spouts off on politics, politics, politics, politics, and politics. Also, the MPAA wants to tie your financial aid to UCI preventing you from sharing music. Get political, folks!


Part-giant monster movie, part-9/11 parable and part-faux documentary about the toll that catastrophic death takes on humans, 'Cloverfield' is, more than anything else, a...

UCI Administration Cleared of Anti-Semitism Complaints

ADMINISTRATION: Allegations of ignoring anti-Semitism declared unfounded by Office of Civil Rights.

Corteo Cirque Du Soleil

Anyone who has yet to witness the artistic splendor, superhuman spectacle and joyous beauty of a Cirque du Soleil show would do well to...

UC Irvine Gave Bren Some Say Over Law School Dean

LAW SCHOOL: Document shows confidential agreement between Bren and Chancellor Drake.

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