Friday, February 28, 2020

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Tiffany Liu

Donation Expands Field Research Cause

ANZA: A new addition to UC Irvine’s research center will propel field research into new grounds.

Psychology Professors Investigate Memory

For the past few years, UC Irvine’s professor of psychology and social behavior Chuansheng Chen has been collaborating in a cross-national and cross-university research...

A Plastic Cure

ANTIBODIES: Scientific breakthrough shows potential to remove toxins -- cure diseases.

News in Brief

Speakers to Come for MSU’s Israeli Apartheid Week From May 10 to May 13, the Muslim Student Union (MSU) will be hosting the Israeli Apartheid...

Friends Helping Friends

counseling: From weeks four through nine, workshops will be held twice per week to help counsel students.

News in Brief

State of the UC Event To Discuss Free Speech ASUCI and the Office of the Chancellor are collaborating to put together the three-part event “State...

News in Brief

Annual Celebration Of Teaching On May 27, 2010, the Teaching, Learning & Technology Center (TLTC) will be hosting the 17th Annual Celebration of Teaching....

The Human Genome

RESEARCH: “Inside the Human Genome,” a book by UCI Professor John Avise explores intelligent design.

New Promising Strategy for Cancer Therapy Offers Hope For Patients

RESEARCH: New class of chemical compounds inhibit enzymatic activity in common signaling pathways.

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