Saturday, October 23, 2021

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Tracy Ung

Joe Escalante is ‘Barely Legal’

There are few people in the entertainment industry as talented and multifaceted as Joe Escalante.

Street Drum Corps – Drum Tips from the Professional

Among the various historic sites and neon contraptions along the famous Sunset Boulevard lies the Chateau Marmont, a white castle-esque hotel whose Ho

Cornered! A Weekly CD Review.

Powerful, upbeat guitar riffs, harmonies designed for belting out at the top of your lungs, inventive song titles and seething lyrics that cut to...

The Cravery Quickly Creates Loyals

If 'rumbling' was a language, then the collective rumbling of the stomachs of UCI students wouldn't just say 'We have no food court and we're hungry.'

Sugarcult and Letter Kills at Bren

With his stringy sunbleached hair, scruffy beard and a wicked tan, Tim Pagnotta sits relaxed and, judging by the plate of used mayonnaise and mustard

The Eleventh Annual Vans Warped Tour Is Near

It's a sweaty Wednesday afternoon in Hollywood. At its best, traffic is slow and tedious along Sunset Boulevard. After maneuvering down the steep hill

Johnny Was

Out of all of the things Johnny could have been, Johnny Was ... a rock band, and not just any rock band at that. Johnny Was... a rock band that repres

Simon Dawes Does the Maroon 5 Tour

Many Southern California bands envision their first tour as four or five guys sweating in an air conditioner-less van as they trek up the West Coast,

The Shore Docks at the Troubador

At the corner of Doheny and Santa Monica Boulevard, where Beverly Hills becomes Hollywood, lies The Troubador, one of Hollywood's most popular intimat

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