Monday, December 6, 2021

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Tracy Ung


UCI’s Own Battle of the Bands on March 8

Rock music followed by metal? Indie rock competing with hip hop? Rappers coupled with folk music? It's that time of year again

From Huntington

It seems like duality governs the English language these days. If a simple word such as 'bad' can have dual meanings, just think of all the possibilit

There’s More to Wearing Band T-shirts Than Clothing Yourself

My parents are coming to visit at the end of the week and you know what that means: It's time to clean. It's not that my parents are neat freaks

Wallace Battles Bands at Hogue Barmichaels

With the seasons slowly creeping towards summer, it can only mean one thing

Epitaph Stops in Anaheim

There's nothing quite like a record label that makes house calls

Take Action Tour Promotes Suicide Awareness

If you had a friend battling depression and contemplating suicide, would you know where to go for help?

Musician Magnetism

When I was in elementary school my best friend, like most prepubescent girls, was obsessed with New Kids on the Block. Her favorite was Jordan Knight

Pepper Returns to Anaheim

Aside from being highly entertaining with both their commentary and the music itself, Pepper shows are worthwhile because they are a representation of

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